I've got so many thoughts brewing inside my head,
Prepared my latest rampart for all that lies ahead.
How I begin this caucus isn't something I can plan,
Breathing in, I pull back my hair with sweaty hands.
I stare into her face, I know she won't understand,
Is this a waste of time? I wait for her back hand.
This could go two ways: a setback or a failure,
There is a tiny chance that what I say compels her.
However long it takes, I know I have the power,
To make my case and point whilst avoiding sounding sour.
The more I'm interrupted, the more my patience falls,
Cornered and uncertain, I'm trapped inside these walls.
Incorrect perception is what created this divide,
Inconsideration is one reason why I've cried.
Two minds in the middle are not strong enough themselves,
Everyone must play a part to cease this war as well.
As I see it now, this could climax in two ways:
Either she'll see herself clearly or she's lost in clueless haze.
I pray it's not the latter, but I wouldn't be surprised,
The way that things are heading, it's not like she really tries.
What I control is me "" I will be mindful and composed,
I will be entirely attentive, honest and exposed.
A much different perspective may create my ears to fume,
But perhaps there is a friendship waiting underneath to bloom.

~ I don't know what to expect from you

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