Explaining Life

Ups and downs, and in the life cycle we repeat
We fall down and stand back up or accept defeat
It is the choice of individuals because no one is the same
No one is equal; no one has the same pain
Sometimes we judge and hate others only knowing their first name
When we should get to know them and treat them the same.
They say treat others how you want to be treated
In the world there are wars, diseases, poverty, and peace is needed
We treat and get treated differently because we think we're superior
But in reality we are nothing; we are inferior
I ask high powers and want an answer, why is the government scared?
To tell us the truth,do our resources portray we are not prepared?
If we were to know their secrets, riots and panic would be seen
So in order to survive their lies we have to see in between
The lines that are made, borders and rules
The money and fame, hypocrites and fools
If wealth comes to us we should be protecting
It, instead of spending it and neglecting it.
The art of peer pressure may swallow you up
Whispering here eat this, smoke this, drink out of my cup
Sometimes it is better to stay quiet than to speak your mind
We need to be independent even if it means leaving others behind
We cannot believe everything
We do not know where we come from but we have a clue
and it isn't until we die that we know the truth.

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