explaining my anxiety and depression to my mom

It’s now my sophomore year and everything has been fine for the last past month, until about a week ago when two sisters moved in on the hall. They were hard to be around but yet two of my friends took to them quickly. I began to see my friends less and less. One day I was leaving my room and I ran head first into one of them. As I got up from the floor I felt as if we had just emerged as one. I felt my mind and my thoughts being invaded. I was feeling strange, I didn’t like being around this new person but I couldn’t get ride of her. We immediately started doing everything together like skipping class, smoking, and even staying up all night. It wasn’t to long before she invited her sister to tag along with us. These two sisters were like leaches, sucking and draining all of the life out of me. I would try to eat and they would persuade me that I’m not hungry. I would try to go to class and they would inform me that the sun was just to bright to go outside today. I too had been sucked in just as my friends had. My once bright smile faded as the days went on. My professors and friends begin to see me less and less. School, people, and just society itself became too much for me to handle. I didn’t have time for anything with these girls in my life. Who are these girls to invade my privacy and put my life on stand still? Who are these girls to block me from the world? Who are they?

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