Exploding Love

The compounds of a chemical explosion,
are the easiest love letter I've ever composed,
because there's nothing more honest than saying nothing,
and still worrying about the prose

Everything unnatural syncs up but the harmony is tragic,
because nature needs chaos to breathe,
the way fire prays for the relief of water,
and every smile just aches to bleed

Something never meant to happen is unearthed,
but it's the most exquisite mistake in the skin of a miracle,
and worlds collide on cue for their orchestra of disorder,
ever so serendipitously lyrical

Nothing makes sense quite like malarkey,
and the soothing confusion is perfection that is crime,
a tornado of passion touches down on a tsunami of fate,
and the loss of words have come just in time

The shadow you've been chasing all your life turned out to be love,
and you're on the edge of a cliffhanger movie catastrophe,
but there's a pool of paradise just at the bottom of that prayer,
and you find yourself living the dreams of a fantasy

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