Explosives Under Special Supervision

Glassy jade green radiance had exploded into field of vision
My head related to bunch of electric dreadlocks
Sticked with Head of God Dog
Metallic drains high – voltage lines shining with colour of glassy jade flashes data’s.
I was not there
I was enslaved with bunch of minutes shortened by blood flow of letters
Lightning greens of trees turn into golden – reddish leaves
- Perpetuum autumn –
River silvering as mirrors catch up last sunrays in fish bodies
Lay on a side all shines with light…. Silver and red spots of colours named to
allow me think more about
Faults sinking into blueish waters flushing emotions out of mind
Own language construct structures of communications between living things
Blasting bombs carrying heavy sins mourning with full moon
Last drops of sleeping sun on a top of a trees
Grass turning purple – orange plots under pressure of coming night
Freezing winter inside flesh
Blood cells stopped to feed this iron weapon to cut of heads
Crucify thoughts
In proportions and measurements now unimportant.
Kingships dies on red carpets stabbed with blade
See spectrum of reality in square tiles 3D
Alternative realities stretched on a screen
All hidden in a dust of explosions cheerfully and brightening
Everything is everywhere
Feel conscience of universe in that single moment of divine madness
To be divided in schizophrenic act of mindless crime
Descending greens of trees points old decades turning into precise electronic clusters. Connected to brain of universe. Read: head of squatters – base of files ready to be checked –
Refurbish from rubbish
Surfing into space – sending impulses from head to toe
Makes it alive and thinking even more…
Reach out weak explosives to detonate
Infrared Eye on forehead of enlighten Man to survive destruction of religions
Made by God Dog whose finger made red hole on a forehead to squeeze out juice.
There is no end of it.

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