This one is for the mentally ill
Those who are told to shut up,
and automatically prescribed a pill.
Few do they know, the FDA
just wants to consume all your bills.
Send shivers down you your spine,
while giving you false thrills.

The time has come, and I am done
Time to shed some light and end your fun.
Children diagnosed with ADHD, and ADD
What in God’s name does that even mean?

I am not saying chemical imbalances do not exist,
but those who have experienced sadness
know that this emotion can lead to madness
The world is full of creative thinkers,
those who can’t cope, becoming lucid drinkers.

I blame this on our capitalist leaders,
Thou who won’t admit are the biggest creepers.
Solitary confinement was a failed social experiment,
A way to cure those excused of unspeakable devilment.
Why does this way of punishment still exist?
Anyone with a psych degree, can tell you that
this method should not persist,
no wonder prisoners and asylum patients act out and resist.

For those who wont speak regarding this manner,
I just want to influence all tho those who matter.
Maybe it’s because I care about all those who hurt,
Just like Nirvana’s legendary good ol’ Kurt.

Many our born in to a life of despair,
Does that not seem just straight up unfair?
What this country need’s is someone who cares,
Not one who craves power, lunch dates, and affairs.

My rant appears to be over just for now,
I know there are others like me out on the prowl.
Here is my warning to those children with special, unique gifts.
Do not let these crafts go unnoticed and have them forever dismissed.
For one day we shall all live in toxic everlasting, heavenly bliss.

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