Express Train

She took the expressway train to disaster land
Her boyfriend had lost his mind
And she was the only one who went looking for it
She stayed with him
This boyfriend took out his rage on her night after night
Yet, she stayed with him anyway
“Something is wrong, he needs help, he’s sick”
She used every excuse in the book
She never did really stand up for herself and leave
The two lovers were court-ordered to stay separated by the state
She took the expressway train to disaster land
She was so afraid
She lived in fear
She let her life crumble to misfortunes
A caged bird with no cage
By her own state, she was labeled a victim
Inside this label, she was confined
No longer a child, no longer a girlfriend, and now a longing for nothing
Her life was stripped down to the bare minimum
Survival mode became the habit
Until one day, a year went by her eyes
She was like a King Kong in chains
A young woman who roared for life to come back this minute
She wanted a better life, and she would take nothing less
She broke the chains holding her back
She emerged from the cage barring up her mind like a beautiful bird
Her wings spread widely across the horizon
There was no second-guessing her
The fire in her eyes did not lie
Plus, she was born to be wild

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