They stare out in disbelief, trying not to cry.
It's true what they say, "Life's a bitch then you die."
Just look towards the heavens, for it's about to rain.
Soon the floodgates shall open.
The day has finally came.
So what all do you have to say for yourself now that you've gone and killed me?
I hear your laughter, you find joy in my eulogy.
Here lies another someone you betrayed.
And when I'm covered with dirt, I bet you'll come piss on my grave.
There my body lies glazed over with a tremulous black.
Your cuts left me to exsanguinate.
Your fingerprints mark the knives in my back.
The wind begins to howl and roar.
The rain does fall and heavily pour.
Suddenly, the truth resonates like rolling thunder.
You never intended for me to soar.
You wouldn't have clipped my wings or deadlocked my door.
You loved the divide which kept us all asunder.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
I'm ashamed I lent you my trust.
Around you, good qualities are quickly pillaged and plundered.
But I'll be one less bother as I lay here six feet under.

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