“EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about it!”
A girl puts a sale on her happiness
Have you stopped to feel your heart beat today?
Well, if it counts for anything, I’m glad you’re alive
I think you’re awesome, so keep it up
Keep that heart beating yo
“EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about the bandit!”
This girl is taking her happiness and giving to others happily
Have you ever swallowed your pride to share what’s tabooed?
Well, if it counts for anything, I’m glad you broke the mold anyway
I think it’s awesome to love others like you have the happiness hiccups
Don’t ever loose that wonderful of a yodel
“EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all about the bandaging!”
A person get free you will be helping
Have you ever held back because you were afraid to be booed?
Well, if it counts for anything, all unspoken thoughts are heard by our milky-way
I think it’s important to know about these pickups
Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean the Universe’s makings are just off playing yo-yo
“EXTRA, EXTRA, You ought to patiently start foraging!”
There’s good things out there for your heart it’s all yelping
You can come with me did ya need a boost?
Well, if it counts for anything, know the Universe is giving us all the leeway
I think it’s incredible to know that much
Our Spirits play in the hot gases of the stars, and our souls and the planets do yoga
“EXTRA, EXTRA, You ought to do something with your life that’s encouraging!”
There are good things out there to forget about those sad yesterdays
Have you ever let cynicism lead you to looking at life un-seduced?
Well, if it counts for anything, I’d like to introduce you back into happiness’ entryway
We could serve positive thoughts to each other as much as Popeye eats his Spinach
So come away with me with your positive brain and we’ll become spiritual intergalactic yogis
We’ll come out of the darkness with the light of love like we’ve just conquered the mountain yetis of Yosemite

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