Extraordinary Stories

Turn a page, enter a fantasy
Magical lands that only you can understand
You're never alone if you have one
Who needs video games or television
Without books we are nothing
They share ideas and inspire
Life without books would be a misery
To many they are nothing more than words and fantasies
To me the characters live on even after the last page
I have met new people, lived many different lives
I have traveled to extraordinary places, where I feel at home
I have narrowly escaped death, fought for what is right
I have learned things few have heard of
I have met mythical creatures wishing they could be my pets
I wish to be my favorite characters, I wish I could be an actress
so I can get as close as I can to living their lives and being them
I am Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, brightest witch of her age
I am Violet Baudelaire, an inventor who makes things with few tools
I am Alexandra Marie Bailey, courageous, smart, and talkative
They are a part of me
They go everywhere with me
They are in me forever.

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