Eye of the Storm

Life is a constant mess of confusion and chaos
Events whipping by at a breakneck pace
Not only large scale, the like of which shake and shatter nations 
But ones that hit closer to home
Just as it all threatens to overwhelm
A calm washes over as your voice breaks through the din

My heartbeat slows, chest expanding outward as I finally get a chance to breathe
Your presence brings with it serenity
A sense of peace that I have rarely known
Around us wars wage, bridges burn, hurricanes howl 
But it cannot breach the eye of the storm

For as long as you remain I become a mere observer 
Separated from the chaos yet close enough to bear witness
Even my personal battles cannot touch me
It all seems so unimportant from the center, from your side
We trade stories and tales
Letting time drift lazily around us

I know eventually you will have to go
And with you most of the serenity 
But by then I will have recovered
At least enough to weather the storm until your return

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