Eye Spy A Hundred Dollar Lie

Once Upon a Time there was a buzz that did ring upon my ears but the sound unwound; That’s when I found a hundred dollar bill.

Still, my hands grasped it as if they’d take it away;

Not today!

Hey you, boy! Where’d you get that hundred dollar bill? Adrenaline did fill my fingertips that day and this boy wasn’t giving it away.

This is mine! I earned it you see; Now scat, go on now and flee!

Now you listen here boy that’s mine, It fell out of my pocket, here’s the hole, you see?

Sir you must be mistaking or simply faking, I earned this money and that was my fee!

Whoosh, a gust of wind it would seem, there goes my money blowing away.

I shoved that old geezer right on the ground and I chased my money as it was rolling around.

There it is, I’ve got it! Whoosh, not again. There it goes whisking away; and now that old man was running my way.

Not today!

I stepped back and tripped him, thud, eww is that blood? This time you’ll stay!

Where is it? My heart sank; Ah ha, there it is! Back at it again.

I got you! What the hell? There it goes again. That wasn’t wind! Say, Somethings fishy here.

Eye spy a hundred dollar lie! That’s when I realized my fears. It was a rich man winding a string, laughing in tears.

Come here boy, sit on my knee. He put the money in my pocket and said you earned this I see.

Gee, thanks sir!

As he was driving away I pulled out my money. Can it really be; he actually gave it to me?

To my surprise, eye spy a hundred dollar lie! It was Washington saying, I never lie.

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