The two bright lights over my head blind me for a moment.
The glare,
the muffled words,
they become one.
Blinking wildly, I attempt to focus on the eyes positioned above me,
but they are diverted to the corner.
My neck twists to see.
my baby,
where is my baby?
The corner.
There is a blanketed metal table in the corner.
quiet voices.
No eyes will look into mine.
My eyes close and my body rides the red tidal wave
as the last remnant of her life gushes from my body.
When my eyes open again, I see eyes looking at me and into me.
The midwife,
she is with me.
She dares to look at me,
and with her eyes, she speaks.
"It's true,"her eyes say,
"It's true, and I'm sorry".

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