What a moment it is to realize
The sparkle that has been missing for a while
Is back in your eyes
It’s back to reconcile
The pain once felt, just a memory
What a feeling it is
To see yourself in a new light
Rather than dark and dismal fright
The motivation to be better
Or maybe even a trendsetter
The dark and groggy brown
Enlightened by golden rays
Glitter falls and
I stand tall
The reveal of sun
Has only begun
The air smells different
More kind and genuine, less selfish, no sycophant action
More crisp
The sky becomes clear
The wind, sounds as soft wisps
The clouds just the same
Relaxed and tame
What inspired this?
Something I no longer miss?
What started this?
Some spiritual bliss?
Though something is still amiss
Not quite sure what
This revived feeling
Is much more appealing

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