I sleep with my eyes open.
Hoping to see what the world doesn't show in the light of day.
I believe in the past, people who haunt see me. I can see them.
They show me things. They are there.
I once was afraid. Now, I am dwelled to that side of life.
It is not evil. It is merely their state of confusion.
They are lost.
I can see many colors, Indigo is mine.
They are the darker color, they can't choose.
This is not what they want.
I cannot show them the way.
But they are there, they keep company.
They watch over me, as I watch over them.
When my eyes are closed, I see them too.
Vivid images that I tend to forget.
But the image is captured in my mind.
I don't always write what I see.
Their eyes are spooked. I am the ghost.
They don't know.
These eyes are not broken, they see the broken.
I am blind. They will always be there.

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