Some eyes you find tell a story of where they’ve been
What they’ve seen
Some soft at first glance
Some too dark to even see the turmoil they’ve undergone
Your eyes set moods
Touches of a first love felt within glances
They Played a part in what we were
Without them, reading you would have been harder than it was to leave you
Your eyes so beautiful and blue told me crying is what you wanted
Tears are what you needed to make yourself feel bigger
My submission widened your eyes
Kept you wanting more
Enthralled .. I wanted to keep you
So I kept on..
Your eyes shape-shifted at night
Into a dark grey
They told stories of absent parents and overdoses
They never told anyone but me-
the haunting stories a child should never have to go through
But your eyes told them for you
Your eyes so vast held years of pain and flooded every morning before getting out of bed
Your eyes looked at me as if they were their own person
Calling out for help, your eyes cried to me every day asking me to fix your life
To give you the answers you searched for and the arms you needed to find yourself in.
Your eyes were more lonely than you thought.
So lonely , you dreamed of different women each night and your eyes still didn’t understand that the one standing in front of you was the only one who could ever help you
But your eyes wanted more.
As pitiful as they were powerful, they drew me in.
Held me close.
Whispering “a girl like you should never be with a boy like him.”
You wanted to see me melt while your eyes wanted to see me grow.
It took me years to realize that your eyes were the only innocent part of your being.
They made me out as a flower , only for you to press me between the pages of your long deceitful narrative.
“At least I am part of it” , I think to myself as I’m wiping the day’s tears off my face yet again
Bloodshot are my eyes
While yours seem to be fine.

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