He said my eyes were like honey in the sunlight
A hint of auburn
My eyes told my secrets he said

The next boy told me my eyes were chocolate covered strawberries
My skin was nectar dripping down his like candy
Like a decoration
Like his to wear
His to bite
He did

Hey mocha eyes
The next boy called
Energetic yet dark
A splash of milk when the moon hits just right
Because that was the only time we saw each other
When the moon was out

I liked to call my eyes eyes,
Things I use to see what I cannot feel with my heart
Or soul

I don’t know when we got so caught up in the color of them
Or why my eyes must look like something sweet
Why I must look sweet

The truth is my eyes hold the most bitter of memories
They pretend not to see
That they try to drown
So it tastes good when they engulf me
Just to spit me out anyway

The truth is my eyes are tinted from all of the darkness I have seen and not spoke about
They shine when I watch my mother laugh
Or get to dance in the rain
They are not yours to devour
Or in 2s or 3s

Why is it that women are compared to food
I am a snack
Yours to be properly placed on a table
Decorated to the nines with fancy syrups and plants that no one eats anyway
I am here for your pleasure right?

You are hungry I will serve you

The truth is, I am women
I am nor sweet nor salty
Nor yours to swallow

The truth is
I have eyes like soil
They help people grow and stand tall when the wind blows
They give people hope they will be okay

The truth is my skin is scarred Mahogany grown strong, grown to keep people safe, and dry

The truth is I am sick of being chewed at when I am trying to make a living to help my family

The truth is I am tired of having to turn my location on when I leave the house because if someone I walk by is hungry, I might not come back

The truth is 1 in 5 women get raped at one point in their lives
And 1 in 3 women have experienced some sort of sexual assault in the US alone

The truth is I was born in a generation that is accepting so many beautiful things
Or at least trying to
All while still serving women on a menu
And not talking about it

When I went to sweet 16s before telling me to have fun, my mom would tell me not to put down my drink, and if I did to go and get a new one

When I was 18 my dad bought me my first thing of Maze to spray because this is when they hungry he said
Dogs can smell fresh bones from miles away he said

Now I am 20, I am both 1 in 5, and 1 in 3, and I am begging you to start talking about it

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