You stare into the eyes to see how they view you
Do they sparkle or do you just wish they do
How much can other eyes tell you about yourself
It can be as simple as eyes deciding to follow you
What made the eyes decide to look at you
How do you want to stand out in a crowd
Do you want to go unnoticed
Or do you want eyes to look more closely at you
And when those eyes look at you, they wonder about you
Why do you look that way? Do you want to look that way?
I want to look alive
Live free from the chains that conform me in society
I want my soul to be seen and to thrive
My soul, one that has been alive for centuries
Can be seen through the eyes and arrive
Arrive at a picture that is not clear for everyone to see
Only certain eyes can see a soul survive
Possess the power to let your eyes see beyond
If you go beyond then maybe you can see that my soul is really balling
Balling for the light
To be seen by the eyes that never notice it back
It wants to be seen, to share its story about how it got its might
A might that is gained through being but never experiencing
It comprises past souls most horrifying and beautiful moments
Moments then fly above and through the present person
Giving them the power of the past
The past that gives them the eyes for the future

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