Eyes Cannot See

A magnificent flower
bright as the sun
Petals perfectly aligned, like the constellations
Stem as green as emerald
Reaching as far as the clouds
standing out like the bright stars in the darkness of night
Many gaze upon it in awe
They don’t know the truth
They don’t know the danger that lies behind the Beauty

One touch would leave you in pain and regret
One touch can put you to sleep forever.
This beautiful flower is a dangerous poison
It is the dark flower that will cure you
The flower that everyone ignores
like the beaten path they walk upon
Oozing with vile slime
Repelling anyone that comes near

This ugly plant is the savior that they need
The outside is vulgar but it’s true Beauty lies within
Many do not know, many do not see
We look on the outside
When we should look at what we cannot see

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