Eyes Of Gold

He sailed into my life one day with the ease and breeze of youth,
Like a breath of fresh air into my dying soul.

Eyes of gold... at first I did not notice
As my own eyes were clouded with visions of sorrow.

One day I listened to that smooth California style
And heard of a life that seemed as carefree as a summer's day.

Gold and smooth like honey, those eyes drew me in
And like a starving child I greedily grabbed the scraps of his love.

There were no promises... I wish I could call him a thief,
But one cannot steal what is willingly given.

Eyes wide open, we fell like two stars burning white hot
Into each other's glow, knowing too soon, destiny would pull us apart.

"It's never enough," he would say. but there was no future,
Only a love that kept me bobbing in the sea of my confusion.

And so, one day, he sailed away on the winds of change,
And took my love and dying youth as his prisoners.

Those eyes--the gold at the end of my rainbow--
So loving, so elusive, that they haunt me still.

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