Eyes Of Life

Beautiful you,
Fresh, enormous green trees
Glistening, in the bright orange sunny afternoon
Oh, how I wish I could jump out
Of this swimming pool filled with water
Bordered by sturdy, transparent glass
And dance onward to the nonchalant movements of the wind

Everyone so welcoming,
Parading around their polished white teeth
All facing my direction
Frantically beating against my glass incapacitated lenses
Waving hello at all the infinite beauty
Beautiful you!

Horrifying you,
Spotting the glowing blue, through splendid pearly whites
Letting out a discreet tear captivating every memory
Here wind, blow them all away!
Leave me be
In my swimming pool overflowed of ice
Boarded by sturdy transparent glass
Infuriating blue, inside the infinite goodbyes
Horrifying you!

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