Most times, I have no concept of time
I often forget
What I was thinking only moments before
That was so very important to me just then

But this time, my thoughts
About this specific thing
Have lingered long
Waiting oh-so-patiently to be heard

They center on a dying concept
A gesture so common
That people have lessened their meaning
These thoughts of mine converge
Around a courtesy that you desperately deserve

For your humble nature
In reasoning to me common sense
For your precise insight
On when to just stay silent
For your patient force
And strength of mind

For your goading and pushing
Toward all things proper
And the more-than-occasional cliche'
No matter how irritating

Your ear unceasing
Lends itself constant
With no concern for your own weary self
For in one's times of need
Giving the lion's share
Of rest and wisdom and assets
Keeping a pittance of each in your own pocket

For knowing just when wine is appropriate
And when I shouldn't be alone
For your genuine care regarding
The outcome of my life
And for extending to me graciously
All that which no person truly wants to hear

For your trust
Your belief in me
And in the impossible which I assert to you
For your patience when I vent
Not thinking of how it must sound to you
Unaware sometimes of how my words might sting

All these spiral in my mind
With a singular notion in their midst
That dying concept stirs
Alive and breathing within me
And I must at all costs
Finally remit to you

My unreserved and heart-felt thought...

Thank You

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