Great and forthcoming troubles We're drawing upon Ourselves
it's as if some don't have enough earthly pains
While doing to others what We would nevah want done to Us
this can only increase as well as darken Our ugly stains.
Ruins are the foot steps of pride and boastfulness
as We stroll through lands like a gigantic raging bear
Look how We rip and destroy injuring the innocent as if a toy
Man You bettah willingly come down from there.
just as time is the witness
All bad things must come to their short end
All upright will have no worry to follow and obey Jah they were in a hurry
Believe We, The environment will to their needs surely tend.
some have been out of place
Yes,since the moment of disobedience and Jah left them to stray
continuing to lose and seeking to win but a serious frown will soon replace the pride and grin
In the blink of an eye it will Be no delay.
Humans,it's time to stop and think You've been long and overdue on the brink
The door of Justice is beginning once more to rise
You've been cycling in sin but even circles have an end
so with Jah's justice let's not marvel in such surprise.
A victory in wrong just keep dreaming along with evil planning and scheming
Your reward will in nowise Be Heaven
Sure as the wrongdoings cycle on many great pains will tarry along
There's nevah a doubt No,not with Jah's servant the F-Seven! Amen!

psalm 399 Negus David

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