Cutting deeper, your every word dripped in hate
The punishment my own for trying another hand at love
In all the years, all the dreams, I never dreamed of you
Could not have had a nightmare, not covered in your blood
Condemned by my intensity to only do it right
Set myself up where no one can save me this time
A trick of fate sealing the pages of yesterday
As I head into the fear myself, a woman now feigning blind
Every block I tossed so carelessly into my defense
Crumbled long ago as if they were domino's in play
And I alone, by my own undoing once again
Found the devil where love once stood at the break of day
But oh how you shimmered so long and bright
That I fell into the fairytale of which I was warned
Dropping all the walls and giving my all to thee
Never seeing your edges battered, mangled and torn
Suddenly and without warning you shimmered no longer
And the love I loved as one was now almost gone and faded
Too late to retreat for me now, now I am only him
Believing no longer my beliefs but the ones of him, the hated
The curtain came up as if in the night
Together we fell so far down that we were nothing any longer
A phoenix now are we when we rise from the ashes we bore
Rising higher than we ever achieved and growing only stronger
Here in the silver lining of what our years had meant to me
Is where I finally realized that we were always to be unable
Saving only our lonely and longing to be loved
Became the hurt that we covered with in our precious little Fable.

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