Fabrics of Space

the sun's so far
for if it dies
8 minutes will pass with light
death and darkness holding the space
but we will see the light
with gentleness
she said to me,
"I am the universe,
and it is me."
impending death of stars and light
didn't scare her much
she spoke with a strange gentleness
as if she said too much
the darkness between the stars would somehow escape her lips
and I would know of cuts and scars and bruises on her hips
I loved the night with all I am
she barely survived the days
her body made from the fabrics of space
she shred it and set it ablaze
why would she tear through time and space?
leave burns where stars should be?
she is my life and world and space
and she's crumbling in front of me
the death of stars never scared her much
for all her stars have died
but it takes 8 minutes for us to know
there is no more light

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