By Na Ly   

The day starts off with a mask of a smile,
the laughs and jokes that make everyone cackle.
Once the day seems to go by,
it’s time to go home and reveal what’s truly inside.

The mask comes off and reveals all the mess,
the tears, the stress, and the feeling of anxiety next.
The mind plays a trick so hard,
it first feels empty, then many thoughts begin to flood.

Why does this process have to repeat everyday?
the mind wants to be isolated constantly.
The feeling gets worse day by day,
started to ignore and push the closest friends away.

Isolated in the house alone,
thought no one cared, but that was where it was all wrong.
There were several knocks upon the door,
standing there were the closest people pushed away before.

They all had extremely worried faces,
‘You couldn’t fool us with that facade you attempted to create!’
‘We love you like you are a part of our family,’
‘Nothing can change the way we feel, times infinity!’

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