She wears the mask that hides the eyes which distract you from her lips of lies." Soulless woman", is a phrase commonly used to describe her those who know the true her despise her. She portrays this sweet soul but has a dark soul inside her that is filled with hatred.

Hatred of the woman she has become, a liar and a user, a repeat offender, and accuser of others mistreating her when it is she who holds the gun. Victim mentally, who has checked out of reality and lost her common sense.

She has become quite delusional of her surroundings as her entitlement hangs on by a thread. Something about her is deeply disturbed, cause she doesn't seem right in the head.

Is it the guilt of what she had done in her past? Or shame? One can only imagine why someone so heartless lacks accountability but loves to point the blame at everyone but herself. She has created this illusion that only she matters in the world like she is a queen, a ruler and the others are the help.

Facade, she wears it so casually, so far away from reality, and did I mention how she's so narcissistic and conniving.

Women like that love thriving off of making those who are happy miserable cause the truth of the matter is that facade she wears is a cover-up for the fact that she regrets the life she lives. It's because of the horrible things she did to the ones who loved her even when she refused to love herself.

Now she has become the old angry woman yelling at the children playing and laughing without a care in the world. She used to have a soul, but no one truly knows what happened to that girl because of the facade she puts on to hide the insecure woman she has become.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a woman who portrays a happy lifestyle when she is in fact no longer happy with herself. She wears a smile to hide the fact that she has regrets and sees the only way to convince others she is okay is by her lying and seeking validation to avoid the acknowledgment of her failed attempt to keep it together.