Face in the Mirror

She comes home from school every afternoon
across her face, smile lighting up the room
"Honey how was your day?"
Looking up at her mother and says the same old same
scurries upstairs and opens up a book
turns her head to the mirror taking a good look

Face in the mirror, why are they so mean?
Tearing me apart, but I did nothing
to be dismissed, beaten down and ignored.
Taught to be genuine since the day I was born
together we can put a good stop to them
these strangers I once called my best friends.

She enters the school and minds her own
Says hello to all of those she knows
distracting herself from the wounding words of lies
the remarks that even make the fearless ladies cry
Together we can put a good stop to them
Those and I who realize they were never our friends.

Today, alone she will not eat her lunch,
tomorrow, will not fake sick and miss the bus
standing her ground, beautiful and proud
setting an example for those insecure around.
Together we can put a stop to them,
these bullies who unquestionably regret in the end,
once each realizes she is her very best friend.

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