Face my reality

Trying to cope with these feelings and thoughts inside my head,
they haunt me every time I lay awake in my bed.

I pray to God, ask him “please make things right”, hoping that something good in the end is in his sight.

I want to stand strong and love with all my might, but the struggles in life make it hard to fight.

Sometimes I feel like these feelings won’t end, it’s hard to believe that one day all these problems will some how mend.

I seek for a purpose; a feeling of worth, that there is something out there good that I can put forth.

In a world filled with darkness there has to be light, a balance, a good, a reason to fight.

We deserve to live free, have no stress, and be happy. Please stop this madness, please I plea!

There’s gotta be good, a safe place with no more hurting,
where you don’t have to worry about over extorting.

I have a dream that all the bad will end, so there will have to be no more pretend.

No more cascade of lies, hate, and despise; just love, happiness, and union. I wanna see it happen, I want the good to be proven!

All we can hope is that these things will come true, and that the light of God will shine through.

I have faith that he loves me and will make things right, that feeling of love I will hold onto very tight, that at the end of the tunnel there will surely be light.

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