Face Your Demons

I saw you today, but I didn't know what to say.
I can see it in your eyes, How empty you are inside.
What hurts the most,Is knowing the reason why
you walk around like a ghost. That drug has ahold of your soul
and it's not letting go. I want nothing more then to see
You break free, why can't you see what I see.
That drug has clouded your memory,The memory of who you
used to be. Deep down you know you want help,
But that drug keeps telling you not to yell.
Convincing you its your only way to escape
Your pain, but I'm telling you right now,
There's so many other ways. If you keep using day after day,
It's only gonna lead you to your grave.
All around you friends and family are dropping like flies.
Yet day after day you continue to get high.
It forces you to steal, and demands that you lie.
All because you need that next high.
They say addiction is a disease, a disease that causes you to
keep continuously relapsing. If only you could see your
potential and realize your worth, Just maybe you wouldn't end up
six feet under in the dirt. Tomorrow is another day, another day
to face your demons the right way. Life is not a fairytale, more
then once we all will fail. Failing is apart of our process as
human beings, it's what leads us all To new beginnings.
Every day is a chance to start over,
and I hope that You take that chance and use it to get sober.

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