You and I are not the same
Looks can be deceiving
I hide from you
I read your thoughts
And speculate the meaning
My eyes reflect your emptiness
My tongue tickles your ears
I hear your voice and take it in
Your deepest darkest fears
Speak to me your bitterness
And how your hands, they shook
The face you see isn't me
You'll notice if you look
Swept up in emotion
Coddled by my voice
A siren song of desperation
You don't have a choice
Pressure builds inside of me
And now the cracks are showing
It isn't real, a subterfuge
You had no way of knowing
A mask that fables serenity
A tale of love and loss
The truth that hides there just beneath
With broken legs and pointless teeth
Feeble and defenseless - weak
A faceless aberration

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