Faceless wanderer

Was I asked for more?
Heat radiating from me;
In the lights of mirror
A face of faceless roamer,
Whose eyes I'm looking into;
Was I so blind to look, deep into its core?
Might be in the darkness
There lies a true crimson
Beats without a harmony;
How to decipher, alive and a live?
A still photography, a flat sheet
Embraced by a frame, sitting near a bed,
A second it captured, there, a miles away,
Far from now, masked with a smile;
Faking a reality, swaying in a swing
Mouthing a words, which has
No life, power and will, will be later,
It all change, and never be same;
Then I'm mere a faceless
Wanderer, as like you and everybody
Invisible to myself, with
Incurable wounds of dreams
Meander through meadows;
A reflection I'm looking into,
A stare it gives me back
Hollow reflection of a past,
Weathering future

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