Faces in the Trees

As i look out my window,
at the last melt of winter snow,
the morning sun on the horizon,
through the branches their faces glow,
each one distinct in character,
all elders women and men,
they say I will not see them for a while,
as their limbs begin to swell,
for it's the coming of the children,
each face I will know as well,
then they make me understand,
each leaf will grow as planned,
as their faces will fade in the shadows,
behind every leaf on every tree,
all across the land,
so we as humans all so delicate,
can take each breath we take,
live each life to the fullest,
surpassing hardships with no blame for mistakes,
and never take life for granted,
as their children will also tell,
for their lives will be as short as two seasons,
and then will have to bid them a loving farewell.

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