faces in the wind

..faces in the wind..

Tides turning the delicate seas of what sees..
see how I cease to see the creases and crevices..
of the eyes..
that unfold from sleep.
Oh shall I weep..
Those shallow creep close to the deep end..

..searching for freedom..

..slips into failure..
slips within the depths of hell..
where regrets are branded into skin.
The sweet smell of temptation burning..

..I set these vices up in flames..

The singed sensation of swiftly scribbling..
scrabble swords and baffled words sound so absurd..
to one who doesn’t observe the slivers of irritation.
The pieces of unawareness cut deep..
like broken dinner plates.

..can we have a peace..

Can we piece together the scattered brain..
its baffling how we battle the beauty..
before binge bringing bass to such music.

..melodies of mystery..

..felonies of misery..

..heaven’s song shall sing for me..

..hell is just a symphony..

..faces in the wind..

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