Faces of War

These faces of youth, wearing bravely the war
They come to my soul, to tell of the horror
We should build futures, be working and playing
Instead we are killing, dying, kneeling and praying
We've gone there before, tens of thousands were lost
They told us we'd learned, from the devastating cost
Someone misguided us, we're in the wrong place
We pay with our innocence while falling from Grace
This is not a rehearsal, there's a gun in my hand
It's all for my country, I must make a stand
That child that I killed, thirteen or so,
Will his mother forgive me, will his family know
He's not coming home, he's lying in the sand
I was following orders, he died by my hand
They tested my mettle, they taught me to kill
How to take orders, how to give up my will

There's one question left, that question is
When is the time that the healing begins?
I awaited instructions
I wait still
For someone to teach me.
How not to feel.

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