I’m fading so please try and stop me
I’m hurting so please try and heal me
I’m crying so please try and help me
I’m broken so please try and fix me,
fix every little piece,
every broken little piece,
the ones that make me who I am and the ones that take the best of me
the ones that make me smile and laugh oh so cheerfully
the ones that stop these thoughts they’ve been coming so repeatedly,
thinking that life isn’t meant to be
I’d be better off not here you see
these thoughts keep on coming and they won’t stop at ease ,
so please try and fix me, fix good Ol broken me ,
fix the girl that I was before these crazy things that happened to me,
all the pain I go through,
all the shade I rolled through , all the lies I’ve cried to ,
all the fake I love you’s,
all the times that I’ve prayed, all those times that I’ve laid, seeing time just fade ,
wanna close my eyes now wanna give it up now,
I’m sorry but I can’t ,
I can’t stick around now , I can’t stop the pain ,
I can’t play the game ,
I’m constantly in pain ,
mom I can't stand the pain, sorry I’m not strong ,
sorry this is wrong,
I’m constantly In pain just can’t play the game ,
I’m going insane
I'm going insane,
I have to stop the pain,
it’ll ease my brain

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