Faded Thoughts

Lately it's been hard, I pray a blessing comes my way,
My thoughts run wild, I barely sleep, most nights turn into day.
No time to worry over things that others do or say,
I'm paying no attention to the games they choose to play.
My circle's getting smaller, people are changing everyday.
I'm no longer concerned with if they leave or if they stay.
I've taken many losses, but my Faith they couldn't take.
I'm learning everyday from the decisions that I make.
I love helping others, but it seems to end the same.
In my mind i know I shouldn't, so my heart's the one to blame.
Blinded by their greed, they never give, they try to gain.
But even if they break me down, the real in me would still remain.
Realizing I don't need the money, lots of friends, or the fame.
It doesn't matter if you win or lose, It's how you play the game.
My mind's so overwhelmed and my reality's the blame.
Everyone thinks they know my story, but they only know my name.
Eventually I got so stressed, the drugs no longer eased my pain,
At that moment I knew I truly had to make a change.
I've made a few mistakes, but I will never be ashamed.
Although I'm still far from perfect, I'm getting stronger everyday.
My ambition is unstoppable, it's flowing through my veins.
Once u finally learn the lesson, then you finally start to gain.

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