Life is getting hectic..
Continuing to feel neglected..
Pain running through her head..
Tylenol doesn't help it..
Love and Hate running through her veins...
Flashbacks make her feel like shes going insane...
Memories seem the same but when she analyze they seem to change..
She's fading and don't know what to do..
At first her life seem so pure...
She's sick without a cure..
Her face seems to be turning blue..
Slipping away slowly...
What is now pale use to be glowing..
Showing what love has done to her..
The horror she isn't showing..
The laughter that disguise the choking...
A stranger in her own eyes..
Everyone seems to be joking..
Cloaking with on another to mock her..
She fading away and no one notice it to stop her..

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