Fading Embers

Quiet contemplation

Sitting next to this dancing fire,

Cradled in my own peace, swaying slowly in its warmth.

Bewitched by the melody flowing into all the scars riddling this body, scorching away the doubt.

I do not fear your wrath, beautiful flames. Let me escape through you.

Run little girl, run for you will get burnt in my inferno. You will not find passage here.

Let me in raging beauty, do not block my way.

For I can feel your pain streaming through my veins .

I can see your embers fading., let me bring you back to your glory.

Let me in. I will not quake in your presence.

I will engulf you with strength so you can be born again.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem in front of a bonfire. I was depressed and sick. I watched as the fire dwindled almost to nothing. I just started writing how I felt . I fed the fire when it was almost out, and it came alive again. Inspiring the ending of the poem.