Fading love

In the realm of my existence, you reside,
As vital as the air that keeps me alive.
You are the oxygen that fuels my soul,
Completing me, making me feel whole.

Each breath I take, a gift from your embrace,
Your love, a lifeline, in every space.
Without you near, the world turns cold and gray,
But with your presence, it's a vibrant display.

You're the oxygen that fills my lungs,
With every beat of my heart, our love becomes
A force that sustains me, like a gentle breeze,
Whispering promises of eternal ease.

Inhaling your essence, I find pure bliss,
A love so deep, it's impossible to miss.
You're the oxygen of my life, my dear,
Forever intertwined, forever near.

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This Poems Story

I was sensing that the one I love was slipping away from me ,my heart was pumping very fast ,I couldn\'t think properly, love was slowly fading away from my eyes then words started to come like rain droplets and I fought for my love