Fading memories

As the years pass by,
Memories fade like a distant cry.
The life once lived,
Now a blur that cannot be relived.

Faces once familiar,
Now lost in the fog of time.
Names and places forgotten,
Like a rhythm without a rhyme.

The stories once told,
Now lost in the abyss of the mind.
The laughter and tears,
Now just whispers in the wind.

But in the midst of it all,
A spark still remains.
A flicker of light,
In the shadows of forgetting.

For deep within the soul,
Lies the essence of who we are.
Though our memories may fade,
Our spirit remains strong, like a guiding star.

So as we journey through the years,
And our memories start to fray,
Let us hold on to the essence of our being,
And let it light the way.

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Key Words : Memories, life, growing up, fading memories, life

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    This Poems Story

    It tells about our memories fading as we get older