Fading Senses

Words that caused a shutter while attaching to the heart
Have dissipated through the years as senses fall apart.
A bitter silence, burning soul, with nothing there to hear,
The silent breath of soundless words no longer touch the ear.

Sweet bouquet of fragrance that creates a thirst for more,
That once drenched recollections only one can e'er adore.
Now loss of scent, aroma spent, that smell that once was sweet
No longer stirs the memories of visions so replete.

Taste of sweets and fruited treats that cause a mind to whirl
Diminish to the bland and bleak that no doubt will unfurl.
The loss of reminiscent tastes that long since disappeared,
And this a slow and painful loss of which a mind is seared.

A wispy touch that gently crawls along unwary arms,
Gradually dispels along with all related charms.
'Tis last not least by any means the loss of peace within,
The fingerprints so cherished once no longer grace the skin.

Sensations once that stirred a soul and caused a heart to melt,
Those feelings heaving unexplained undoubtedly are felt.
Sounds and smells and taste and touch that scatter throughout time,
Forever leave a tortured soul once utterly sublime.

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