Fading Till Dawn

She walks with her head up and her spirits are low
She smiles while being torn from the inside
She laughs and her mind brings up the past
With each second of the day she is in a constant battle

While the light from the day dissipates and disappear
The nightly darkness creeps in and masks her world
What was seen in light can now only be recognized by eerie shadows

Her eyes overfill with a sad salty substance
Her Emotions are shown but can't be explained
Hears everything that is said and yet is left unable to speak
She keeps to herself to hide, to protect and to pretend to be whole

But at night no more games
As the day gets dimmer so does her facade
By night her true form seeps through the seams

When everything that has been said, told, and seen
Replays over and over in her dreams
With a weary mind and empty heart
At the break of day it all restarts

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