what do you do when you're literally broken
when your pain is so deep never a word you have spoken
when night brings you joy only to be scorned by the sun
belittled by those who just want to be done
with all your no I can't make it I'm not doing well
when your life on earth feels like a footstep from hell
your wings so broken so tattered so tore
you can no longer fly like you did once before
there are times in my heart I want someone to blame
its torture to know you're not the epitome of your name
every day I feel a small part of me disappear
my spirit full of sadness my face full of tears
I'm no longer myself or who I once used to be
when I look in the mirror it's a stranger I see
I keep asking my God is this really for me
what is it that I'm missing what do you want me to see
I thought for so long that I was special in your eyes
but I finally realized I was telling myself lies
sometimes I feel like a child who's being scorned
for all my sins I've committed all the things I've adorned
Our Father who art in Heaven

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