Failed plan

How do we live in this world today. When there's nothing but violence, crime, and hate.
Where is the love, guess there is no more.
Helping and caring for one another doesn't exists we just slam the door.
Heartache and sorrow is what we all feel these days.
And are only wish and what we seek is something to only ease the pain.
Where did all this suffering start.
From one who died of a broken heart.
Is this all just a point that is suppose to be proven.
To realize in ourselves all the wrong we are doing.
Not just to ourselves but one another.
Have we all forgotten we are created to be sisters and brothers.
All equal and the same.
But yet we all point fingers to find someone else to blame.
Created equal but yet we say we are not.
Has anyone even cared enough to even give it a thought.
Our minds have drifted away.
And all the things destroying this world and yet no one even has a word to say.
We all sin that is for sure.
And soon the end of this world will be no more.
Have you ever thought this was gods plan to see if we could all live happy as brothers and sisters woman and man.
A point we were meant to learn and forever in happiness would be our return.
But yet we have failed
And forever death will be our hell.
People are starving and poor. But no one cares anymore.
Depression is what we all caused suffering and heartache is only our fault.
All his word that was written and this worlds suffering is because no one would listen.
But hey what can I say the destruction of this world my part I have also played.
But the end is soon and we all then will face judgment day..
And what lies ahead we have only ourselves to blame

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