Failing With Grace

Everyday you wake up and put on a brave new face.
Everyday you hope maybe today will be the day.
Instead you get rejected, for your hard work, yet again.
Instead you’re told, “We don’t like you and we won’t let you in.”
And still you try, and still you work, even harder than before.
But all that work’s for nothing when they slam another door.
It crushes you, you gave your all, just to be left behind.
Yet still you tell yourself again, “This just wasn’t your time.”
You pray for help, you pray for luck, you ask God, “Just this once?
Could it be me? Could my time come? Haven’t I been through enough?”
There’s no response, alone again, you’ve lost another fight.
There’s no way out and no way in, you just can’t see the light.
Rejection cuts your soul so deep, it never really heals.
Though you manage to keep on going, you don’t forget how bad it feels.
So you stitch yourself, as best you can, and try to find a way.
And tell yourself a thousand times, “Today’s just not your day.”

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