There's a turmoil in my head,
Leaving my eyes, all dwelled.
Some thoughts, keeps me awake whole night,
Will I ever find a way, full of light?
How will I get the path to success?
What if, I make it a complete mess!
Advising own thoughts, is all we do!
What's going on inside one's head, do you've any clue?
The World is full of competition,
Still all worries, only about repercussion.
I don't know, what to do it about?
It just makes my soul, self- doubt!
We humans are never prepared for failures in childhood,
And when it arrives, we're asked to get stood.
All have told us, to see the future full of success!
But tell me, is it as easy as to wear a dress?
We're taught to stay strong & face the World's cruelty,
But never taught, how to face the Struggling reality!
Most of the people destroy their mental health,
Cause they're made to see fake dream of lots of wealth.
At last, we're only left with a yelp,
One day, you'll end with nothing, but a shout for help.

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