Failure Is Not an Option

A registered nurse pursuing a graduate degree in business
Almost fifty years old
You'll never make it, as I was told
With angels all around me
Just as strong-willed as I tend to be, I could not give up, you see
Single mother, one-income household, debts piling high
I took off until I reached the sky
Laborious, weary, more hairs turning gray with age
Determined to set an example for my child now teenaged
My Jesus whispering to me that failure is not an option
My daughter acting out, should have chosen a pet adoption
If you say so, Savior, I'll be alright; cried myself to sleep at night
I dusted off the gray and white matter, once a powerful brain
Narrowed my focus and denied rumors of being insane
Math, statistics, law, finance, and human resources
If this college were my husband, I would grant him two divorces
The two years of graduate school seemed like thirty
Got into my books, down and dirty
Alas! completed the program with a straight A average in all
Abba Father did not allow me to stumble or fall
At graduation my daughter stood up and said to me,
"Mom, I am as proud of you as I could possibly be,
You said yes to Jesus and set an outstanding example for me
I will remember this for the rest of my life
And when Satan tells you no, just slice him with a butcher's knife"

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