Failure of Words

You are floating in a cloudspace of thought
Unassigned to any words you've ever been taught;
Where dark and light collide in vague mist of obscurity
That you can't tap into- which the people you love
or at least you once loved, cannot touch
or understand, or feel. It wraps your body
in a blanket of cold. No not cold, but
a strange nothing, that feels cold
because empty is cold, but so is sad,
even though they're not at all the same.
And when the blanket unfurls, somehow the cold
dips deeper as you are exposed
to the real void which is ice. Which freezes
your soul, and then you are nothing,
but you are still breathing,
and your body still shivers so you ask:
mustn't I have a soul, mustn't my heart
still beat for something, even though there is
nothing left. Nothing left but the question and
the thought that humans all share something
buried deep within the flesh we call ourselves.

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