Fair is a question that can never be answered
They way the body works is a puzzle that millions cant even master
Selfish? I say not
Guilty yeah I have a lot
A pain that lingers long after the healing has come
A pain deeper than the surface
A pain of those who have fought
Yet lost
My heart aches for the thought of what will never be
But yet somehow treatment worked for me
Why me why not them
My heart cracks yet no noise
Despite the people who still raise up their hand and declare their choice
You may win today but today is not tomorrow
For I am still here facing the same fear
Strength has no limits and courage has no image
Perfection is a question with an answer that’s not given
For every single person in this room is a blessing.
We’ve been through hell and back but we’ve started to get our lives back on track
What happens matters but what you do about it matters much more
You look at life through the windshield not through the rear view mirror
You can’t change, forget, edit or erase your journeys but with acceptance we can keep going
Growth is optional and life is change.
Time frames are over ratted
For moments of happiness is enough and more
Open doors that were once not their
And million of people that actually care
Life has meaning and I intend to live it myself
Because everything is possible
The impossible just takes longer.

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